If you want to build strong collection of quality backlinks, the following social media and guest blogs are essential for you.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Printerest
  • LinkedIn
  • Xing
  • Tumbir
  • Torial
  • Flickr
  • Diigo
  • Instagram
  • Telegram
  • Instapaper

When investing time in creating backlinks in the sources above you can be sure about indexing and in addition, they are quality free backlinks.                                                                                            

Backlinks are important for search engine ranking.

Imagine you are reading a science article about a topic, new to you. You are amazed and wonder if what you just red is true. You cannot believe this is possible today. Then you look at the source and you realize this is one of the most heard and respected science magazines nowadays. In addition, the researcher are from one of the top universities on earth. Then it must be true right?

This is the same with backlinks and search engines. When the search engine realize that the backlinks is from a quality source then the weight is bigger than such coming from low authority unknown pages.

As we already know, backlinks affect search engine ranking of your web page more than anything else does. The quality should be more important than the quantity. However, you should have more quality backlinks than your competition! The number of quality backlinks, which are recognizing your webpage, will definitely determine the positioning and ranking of your website in the search results.

The links you create pointing at your website affect your SEO and your SERP (search engine results page) ranking. Search engines use algorithms to gather information and rank pages, and they use bots called crawlers to crawl your site for content and backlinks. Search engines take into consideration all backlinks and based on their algorithms decide their relevance for your site. This influences your page rank. So the better the backlinks, the better your SERP.

Social networks backlinks and backlinks from blogs

Social media is a global communication platform where people talk and interact to each other and share information. It is also a convenient, efficient and easy way for individuals to communicate with friends and relatives. People use social media platforms to share personal thoughts and ideas with others. Depending on the social media platform, it can be a great way to stay informed and make connections with people from all over the world.

Social media platforms and networks are part of everyday live for most of the people. This statement is true especially for teenagers and young adults. These are the most active users. They use it to connect with friends or find such, share content, and seek advice and information. People also use social media to stay in touch with the newest trends or to broadcast their thoughts and ideas to the entire world. Social media and social networks have become an essential part of modern society.

One of the biggest advantages of social media is the ability to connect with friends and family from all over the world. Anyone can create an account on any social media platform and join the conversation. This allows people from different countries, cultures, and religions to interact directly with each other. It is a way for people from different countries and societies to join in a common online environment. This makes it easy for people to share their cultures with others and make connections worldwide.

People are also using social media more for business purposes. Many businesses use social media platforms as promotional tools for their products and services. They post links containing relevant information for customers to view. This is also a tip how one can distribute quality content and at the same time earn backlinks for his webpage.

Backlinks are important for website traffic.

Backlinks are essential for every SEO Strategy because Google, Bings, Yahoo and other search engines consider them votes of trust for a particular page. When many websites link to the same web page, search engines infer that the content published on that website is worth linking to. Based on the number and quality of the backlinks they also conclude that the web page is worthy of surfacing higher on SERPs. That is why pages with many backlinks tend to have higher page rank than those without. Therefore, earning quality backlinks can improve your search visibility and generate more visits to your website.

Referral traffic refers to visitors who landed on your site by clicking on a backlinks from another website. Hence, backlinks are responsible for this type of website traffic. Regular traffic means that the visitor typed the URL of your webpage in his browser. The understanding is that referral traffic often leads to higher conversion rate than regular traffic, since the visitors are already interested in the content of your website.

Our goal is always to create quality backlinks. The mission of our blog and webpage is to educate how people can create free quality backlinks and rank better in search engine results.

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