High authority backlinks, DA > 80

What is an authoritative website?

A high authority website is a website considered an expert on a particular topic or providing interactive training in difficult discipline. This can be achieve when the website exist from a long time, large amount of unique and interesting content or having big amount of backlinks pointing to it.

Example of the website authority scale looks like this:

  • Below 30 – Very Low, you should get to work! J
  • 30 to 40 – Below average, you need my help 🙂
  • 40 to 50 – Average
  • 50 to 60 – Good
  • 60 to 70 – Very good
  • 70 to 80 – Excellent, nice job!
  • 80 to 100 – Well done!

How can you identify an authoritative website?

Multiple ways exist to identify an authoritative website or a website with potential to grow. One way is to look at the age of the website. If the website has been around for a long time, it is likely to have more authority than a newer website. Another way is to check the the amount of content on the website. If the website has a lot of content, then it has or will have more authoritative than a website with less content. Do not forget to think about the quality of the content. Backlinks count and backlinks quality are also influencing the authority of a website. If the website has many high quality backlinks pointing to it, most probably have higher authority than a website with fewer or less qualitative backlinks.

High authority backlinks

A number of factors influence the authority development or decrease of a website. The best way to increase your authority is to generate high authority backlinks. As we already know, backlinks are links from other websites to your website. If you have more high quality backlinks than your competition, most probably you will gain more authority than their websites. Keep your backlinks profile clean. The backlink profile is the number and quality of backlinks pointing to a website. Do not forget about the content. You need a lot of content or high quality service on your website so that your authority grow. If the backlink profile is high quality, it is likely that the website is more authoritative than a website with a low quality backlink profile. The age of a domain can be an important factor in calculating the authority of your website. The traffic your website has is also important, however in many cases the traffic is direct derivate of the previous factors.

Take your time to understand how Google PageRank algorithm works. There are many small things, which influence the authority and ranking of your website. Use different analytical tools to track the positioning of your site and your competition and take actions to correct your mistakes or to enhance your web presence. SEO is continues work and not something what you can do during the weekend.

At the end wins the one who do the most quality work and have the persistence to stay on track for longer time.

Why it is important to have as many high authority backlinks as possible?

I assume you can already answer this question by yourself. Backlinks from low level and low quality websites will bring you, if you are licky, only the half way on your journey to top 3 in google. Your goal should be always to get as many high authority backlinks with anchor text your keyword. After some time, if you track your page ranking, of course you do J we all do, you will see the difference. In addition, if the blogs, forums or websites are really high quality with a lot of traffic and your content is unique and interesting then you will also get traffic for your website.

Here is also the first DA > 90 website for high quality backlinks.

We will explicitly note in the future the backlink sources which have authority higher than 80.

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If you are new to this topic, do not miss our articles about “what are backlinks”, “backlink types” and our free backlinks Blog. Can you get high authority only with free backlinks? – Yes, you can! Keep calm and do quality backlinks!