What are backlinks?


We will explain again, what backlinks are and provide you with some deeper inside and understanding how you should create them and what most important things to know about backlinks are.

On our homepage in the “what are backlinks” paragraph, we explained that you could think for backlinks as bridges connecting different islands. The plain vanilla answer for what are backlinks is:

A backlink is a link to a website from another website. Backlinks are essential to website ranking in Google. Google uses backlinks to determine the quality of websites. Backlinks help websites improve their ranking in Google. Most websites have backlinks from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Creating natural backlinks is important and the best way to rank in search engines.. The backlink can be a link referring to a website, web directory or a web page.

What are backlinks and how to create a simple and efficient backlink?


There are many possibilities to get quality and legitimate backlinks. We will describe most of them in a separate article. Just to get you a little taste of backlinks work which most of the people do, go to a free popular blog with high authority. How to find free blog for backlinks? Go to google and write:

Site: guest blog
You will get plenty of options.

When picking your guest blogs think about the topic and location. Prepare interesting article, which contains the keywords you chose to concentrate your SEO campaign. Make sure you backlink those keywords from your article to your webpage or sub-URLs of your website. Register and post the article. Take your time to make an interesting profile. Verify whether the Blog is allowing the backlinks you created offline in your text, you can use Microsoft Word for this. In case this is not the case, use the blog text editing options to create the backlinks again.

What are backlinks – Tips and Tricks:


Tip 1: Make sure your backlinks are coming from trusted websites with high authority.

Tip 2: Best case, the websites that provides backlink to your page should be with similar topic as

Tip 3: It is very helpful when the Anchor text of your backlink is actually the keyword of the page the
backlink is referencing.

Tip 4: Your goal should be to create DoFollow backlinks.

Tip 5: You should strive to create backlinks from new domains and not to use the same repeatedly.

Tip 6: Create content that people not related to you should link. Take your time to create unique
quality and interesting content for your website and for your backlinks.

Tip 7: Try to use professional online platform or backlinks opportunities like HARO.

Tip 8: Spy on your competitors and use the intelligence not to harm them but to build your backlinks

Tip 9: Avoid spam backlinks.

Tip 10: Check regularly for broken links. They will most probably decrease your authority.

Tip 11: Make sure you DO NOT have backlinks from websites with unappropriated or illegal content.

Tip 12: Get in your mindset that SEO optimization and backlinks building is constant ongoing process.
Do it regularly or find someone who is familiar with the topic to do it for you.

Tip 13: Make strategy based on keywords and use these target keywords when creating your

Tip 14: Your backlinks should have different IPs. I.e. coming from different sites hosted on different
machines. If the majority of your backlinks are coming from the same Server, they might be ignored
from the search engines.

Tip 15: Think of strategies and techniques, which helps your backlinks to be index / recognized as
such from Google and Bing. Make sure you DO NOT create backlinks, which are indexed after years
or in worst case … Never.

What are backlinks – additional dependencies?


We assume that you read everything carefully and armed yourself with the knowledge needed to
create best backlinks possible to increase the authority of your webpage. Here we would like to note
some dependencies, which can prevent you to have success even with the best backlinks strategy
and tactical implementation.

First – The page you are linking to, make sure that the keyword does not appear too many times or
too little. Use plug-ins or other tools to measure this.

Second – Again choose your anchor text and key word wisely. If you make 100 backlinks with high
authority and after 1 year you decide that, another keyword is better you will have hard times to do
all backlinks over again for the new keyword.

Third – If you can get 1000 backlinks from one webpage with high authority, do not be greedy just
take a few and move forward.

Fourth – Educate yourself on regular basis what are the new changes about the Google and Bing
crawlers logic in regards to authority and webpage ratings and of course backlinks weight.

What are backlinks and how to find time for them?


Discipline and continuity – set 3 days of the month on which you will make backlinks for your site.
Based on your goals, business model, competition and expectations, take your time in those days of
the month on which you are 100 % committed to you SEO optimization and your backlinks. What we
link today, echoes in eternity… 🙂

What are backlinks – Summary


We hope that now you will be able to answer the question yourself – What are backlinks. We can share some insight from one of the websites, which we support with SEO optimization and backlinks creation. We choose 3 keywords, which normally people google to get familiar with the topic. When choosing those words we considered also the competition websites, the topic, the language and the users.

The website is in German language and the keywords are in German. We
stopped our attention on: mazedonische Geschichte, mazedonische Sprache and mazedonische
Identität. From our analysis and support, we were able to infer that there are weeks when the
webpage is in top 10 on google.

Afterwards for one or two of the keywords the rank falls to 19th or
29th position. If we continue to support this webpage in the following months and years it will most
probably stay permanently in top 10 of google in regards to the 3 keywords.

However, this is an easy doing since the competition is not so hard to beat. If you compete with real
business related topic, you will have to compete with professional SEO specialist. We advise that you
read further our articles and develop yourself until becoming also an SEO expert and start building
your backlinks on your own.

We will introduce you with further techniques to build backlinks
strategies, to SEO optimize the text on your website, to pay attention on the Meta information of all
objects on you site, webpage speed, indexing and many more. SEO optimization is not only building
backlinks. Backlinks are vital part of your SEO but there are also many “little” things to pay attention.

We started our backlinks webpage in 2022 and we do not have any big SEO “fish” watching our back.
We want to become big while providing you quality content, which can help you also compete with
the big names. Check our development, give us critique when you can and remember:

Stay calm and do backlinks!

What are backlinks

What are backlinks? What are backlinks? What are backlinks? What are backlinks?