How many backlink types exist?


There are plenty of backlink types. The most important are:

DoFollow backlinks


If you see a highlighted text on a webpage, which on clicking is leading you to a new site, then this is a dofollow backlink for the destination site. The highlighted text is the keyword associated with the link and the information for the second “island”. Also in the HTML of the page you should not see the
rel=”nofollow” attribute.

NoFollow backlinks


NoFollow backlinks are not the best choice for increasing your page rank. However, there might be other benefits of having them as driving additional traffic to your website, making your backlinks collection looks more natural, increase awareness about your site and others.

Example is <a rel=”nofollow” href=””>hyperlinked text</a>

Contextual backlinks


Contextual backlinks are links that are embedded within text content of an article. The best case is when the anchor text is the key word to the page referencing by the link. An example can be: The macedonian language is a derivation from bulgarian dialect, spoken in Macedonian parts of the Balkan peninsula.

Editorial Backlinks


Editorial backlinks are the backlinks you would love to have in your backlinks collection list. When valuable content from high authority webpage contains a backlink to your side, then you get high rating from the search engines. This is considered from the search engines as a sign that your webpage is trustworthy. A prerequisite to get editorial backlinks is to create quality, interesting content that users would share or reference.

Backlinks from Guest Blogs


Guest blogging backlinks are always part of the link building strategies or campaigns. The name explains it all. However, there are several ways to obtain such backlinks. One can directly contact the blog owner, make an offer for free original content in exchange of backlinks or just register in the blog and create interesting posts, which contain the backlinks. In the last case, make sure that the anchor text is a key word and that your post looks good, professional and of course do not use the same post repeatedly. Make sure that you create quality and original content.

Business directories or business profile webpages – business backlinks


Most of the countries and business areas have their own business registers. In case you want to position your webpage in regards with the business line or geographical location, you should search for such registers or business profiling pages and get sign in. Here it is important to avoid spam directories and keep with the highly rated and well-known options to list your business. You can find plenty of them on our webpage.

Backlink types: backlinks from social networks


You can get social profile backlinks by setting up social profiles for your webpage. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram are providing an option to add a webpage. Alone creating a backlink from those social platforms will just provide you a backlink, to increase your authority and rating you must make sure that people interact with your account and your content have value for the public. You can use as a start the employees of your company, movement or people connected to your project to follow and share your content.

Backlinks you do not want to have – Bad backlinks


There are also backlinks, which have negative impact on your authority and rating. It is important to know that NOT every backlink is a good backlink.

Links from irrelevant webpages i.e. pages with low authority, low traffic or broken design – we call them irrelevant backlinks. Such irrelevant backlinks can be also backlinks, which appear in the footer section on every page of irrelevant website.

Spam backlinks are also able to decrease your rating. Spam backlinks are for example big count of backlinks coming from YouTube comments.

Massive backlinks from Forums, created only with the purpose to have some backlinks. Websites with low quality content and big count of backlinks are considered from the search engines as spam. You should focus on high authority websites with quality content and you should provide quality content from which your backlinks should lead to your website. Avoid using Anchor text for your backlinks, which has nothing to do with the context of your homepage. One more example of bad backlinks is IT solution forum with backlink into history webpage with anchor text Java for example.