My SEO Strategy revelations


Introduction in SEO Strategy


SEO Strategy, strategy what a word. Everything we do in life is based on some strategy, sometimes subconsciously, sometimes integrated in our bones by instincts and in best case coming from our think center – the brain. Sometimes people apply strategies without thinking much about it, sometimes they analyses data and events and build their own. This is my case. I analyze the rank development of websites based on content, slugs, metadata, social network presence, keywords and backlinks. Is my SEO strategy a great choice to follow? Only the future will tell. My ambitions are to get to the top of google when it comes to backlinks. I have no corporate backing my journey or big budget. I have my brain cells. Just like you!


Before diving in and explaining what my SEO Strategy is, I would like to define what this word strategy means. Not only this we will get more into the hall concept of connecting all levels of organizational or practical existence of an organization or project handling. Because having an internet site and managing it, you must have an organization. It depends on how big it is and what services you provide. Going forward, we have 3 organizational levels. That’s: strategical level, operational level and tactical level. Why we have to understand all 3 of them? Because you must acquire the ability to derive tactical actions from strategic reports or strategical instructions. And of course, vice versa you have to be able to derive strategical needs and changes based on tactical events and development.


Some definitions to support our understanding


What is a strategy?



Helmuth von Moltke

Found in the lectures of Colonel Dimov, Military Academy “G. S. Rakovski”.

Strategy provides the framework, the possible ways, means and the sequence of their use, to implement “policies” to effectively solve societal problems and move a system from a given state to a new desired end state, seeking to account for the changing environment in which the system exists.


What is a strategic management?


Strategic management is the process of defining goals, measures, procedures, and objectives in order to make an organization more competitive or enable it to develop. In most cases, strategic management use effective deployment of staff, knowledge and resources to achieve these goals.


What is tactical deployment of the strategic management?


Tactical deployment is the practice of establishing specific and measurable plans, based on the strategic framework, for achieving a pre-defined strategic goal.

On our website, we also consider the execution of those plans as part of the tactical deployment.

Funny example: I live on the farm. I have a lot of free time (you will not if you live on a farmJ) and I feel sad when I have nothing to do. I have the inner need to fill my free time with activity, which I find amusing and funny. This will bring me joy. I love to spend my free time by hunting chickens.

My strategy to be happy, while being on the farm, is to use my brain to develop new chicken traps and to hunt chickens. In addition, I develop a list of strategy skills, which I have. They help me to bring my strategy into tactical deployment. I also need some materials. I will call them strategic resources. Without them, I cannot build my chicken traps. Hence, I have strategic knowledge, strategic skills, strategic resources and experience. My own experience or the one from my family since it seems we are all great chicken hunters. J

My goal is to do something funny to fill my time and enjoy living on the farm.

My strategy for achieving my goal is to spend my time of doing enjoyable things by using my skills, resources, thinking and experience.

My tactical deployment of this is great moment of enlightenment is, to hunt chickens and the specific way in which I will be doing it.

Keep in mind, there are always strategical factors in one organization. They are very important and all of them must be present. If even one of them is missing then there will be high probability of failure on tactical level.

One more time, speaking about tactical level. This is when I hide in the bushes waiting the chickens to fall into my trap. This is when I already used the strategic instructions, skills, know-how and resources and the final product of this is the genius idea to lure the chickens to fall into the trap by using their favorite beans as a bate. Building and setting the trap on the field. In best case, catch some chickens.

Hm… Are chickens also strategical factor in my story?


My SEO Strategy – abstract


We jump now in real world and continue with actual SEO Strategy content. We need:


  • A clear defined goal or set of goals.
  • Strategic thinking – You possess strategic thinking when you are able to visualize, summarize, analyze and process in your thoughts critical factors and variables what are essential and are influencing the success of achieving the pre-defined goals.
  • Strategic skills – the strategic skills are supporting the strategic thinking and can be essential for the tactical deployment of the strategic framework. Examples of strategic skills are analysis of complex set of data, assessment, brainstorming and creativity, evaluation, identifying obstacles, multitasking and problem solving.
  • Strategic resources – Under the moto keep it simple we will just state that a strategic resource is an entity without which the goal cannot be achieved.
  • Information and data to analyze.


  • Define your goal. It must be realistic and dependent from the rest of the strategic components.
  • Use your thinking to create a framework. An abstract definition or explanation of your journey to your goal.
  • Be aware what the strategic skills you need to achieve your goal(s). Which of them you have, which you can acquire and which you must outsource.
  • Which are the strategic resources? What you need as a resources to achieve your goal(s). Here resources can be time, money, people with skills, competent and fast website hosting etc. Everything you cannot without and have some digital or physical dimensions. You must be aware of it!
  • You must impellent a process of continues data analyzes and strategy update based on development and received information.


    social network backlinks and guest blog backlinks



    My SEO Strategy revelations – more “physical”

    My SEO Strategy Goal



    My Goal: To reach top rank in google! See the first one is very easy. We can have a break now!  🙂


    My SEO Strategy – strategic thinking


    To reach my goal I would like to offer a quality product and content on my side. Define your product!

    I will post regularly quality information about the product and will forward and repost it on other web places – blogs, forums, business sites, social networks. Define how you will provide it to the public on your webpage!

    I will create a network from web pages, which have in best-case similar but unique content or other quality content, provide the information from my blog and point to my “champion” website. I will use social network accounts, will build groups and will lock them with quality content. Define how you forward more attention to your main webpage!

    I will create a list of all search engine important factors, will implement a process of revision, and continues improvement to cope with them. Define what rules and regulations you need to cope with to get to your goal(s)!

    I will organize my time in a manner suitable for supporting the development of my project and enabling me to support all relevant processes on regular basis. Be realistic! How much time you can invest in your project and how you will distribute it on different topics!

    How to apply the strategic skill? Define what you want to derive from every skill available in the project, personal future or outsources i.e. actual work expected!

    How to use the strategic resources?

    How to improve my strategic skills and to get more resources?

    Be persistent and have hands on mentality. Be confident in your success! Follow all steps, do your research and analysis. Check your goals! Are they realistic? If yes, you will succeed!

    curious about improvement.


    My SEO Strategy – strategic skills


    Able to write articles, planning, analyzing data, networking, website design, website optimization, backlink building, communication, product promotion, programming skills, CSM knowledge, management abilities, multitasking (yes some of us can J ), language proficiency and cultural understanding.

    • Search for more in google and add them


    My SEO Strategy – strategic resources


    Time, people, services needed, money, hardware, software, plug-ins, licenses, tutorials and backlinks sources, analytical tools.

    Here we have to point that if you really going to do your blacklining on your own (like me), then you need additional sheet only for the backlinks sources and keywords. Because they are a lot, you can check our free backlinks blog.

    • Search for more in google and add them


    My SEO Strategy – information and analyzes


    Since our topic of “discussion” is SEO, it is crucial to know what you are dealing with. Better stated, what is your competition? You need to measure the efforts required to compete ranking for a given keyword. You have to analyze whether you have the thinking, the skills and resources to compete and win the ranking you want. Check their content. How is it written? Affiliates? How they marketer? Analyze the keywords, the backlinks, and the social presence. Are you going local or global? If you want to sell tomatoes filled with corn and peanuts (I do not know if this even exist), you will get less competition than making a website about backlinks…. Hmm… probably, I should have stayed with the chicken hunting… J

    We are living through the information revolution of our society and civilization. Information is everything! Collect and analyze it!


    How to implement my SEO Strategy on tactical level?


    All right, we wrote a long list of things, which we need or might not need. Things, which we can physically connect with the realization of an actual project. Now we have to take each element of the strategy level and summon its tactical representation. We will cover the complete tactical deployment in a separate article.

    It is very helpful when you create an excel file for tracking, marking and planning of the strategic elements of each segment. Break down my SEO Strategy to separate pieces. Sign a strategic segment for each sheet – thinking, skills, resources etc. If you need additional segments, write them down and create sheets for them. In the corresponding sheet, write as first column name, the name of the strategic segment. Write on each row, every element of this segment. Add additional columns to help you describe the element. They will help you track the development and the element and any other helpful information that you might think of. I normally use columns like test, prod, date, comment, name, availability, outsource etc.





    Creating and choosing your SEO strategy can be a long and difficult journey. But this is the most important part of your project. Bad strategy will cripple your development at a moment you least expected. Invest time and quality thinking to choose and develop your own SEO strategy which fits you best.

    SEO Strategy

    SEO Strategy example with Strategic skills:

    Strategy skills Availability Power [1- 10] Outsource Date Comment
    writing articles yes 7 no self doing
    text optimisaiton yes 9 no self doing
    programming skills no yes will use WP and Plug-Ins instead
    backlink building yes 9 no
    etc. .. .. .. .. ..
    etc. .. .. .. .. ..
    etc. .. .. .. .. ..


    For my SEO Strategy is essential to make sure that you list all essential elements of each strategic segment. Remember they are strategic segments or strategic elements because in case that even one is missing the project will fail. It is very important to invest time in planning, to set goals, to set timelines to define all elements of each segments that you need and how you will get it. To go further with the example, if you take strategic resources then you can have one row for budged and break the amount into sub elements, each sub element can be a different topic on which you have to or intend to spend money (hosting, domain, licenses, plug-ins, programming, writing etc.).


    We provide a full punctual tactical realization of my SEO strategy on realization of my SEO strategy. There you can also follow the steps, improve your ranking, even get better position, and ranking from the search engine.


    My SEO Strategy – Summary


    You can take the main points of this article and create the strategy excel file we talk about. Then you can take the strategic thinking notations and start connecting the elements with actual doings. In case you still have no idea what we are talking about, please check our tactical deployment of our SEO Strategy model. Discussing the strategic level can me hard and sometimes confusing. We promise to be very punctual and into more practical details in the tactical deployment section. You will be able to pick what we write and to apply it directly.