SEO Tactics – deployment of my SEO Strategy


Indeed, after years of swimming in SEO waters, everyone can write tons of articles about SEO Strategies to catch some smaller fishes reading his balloon articles. At the end, he did not say anything particular what could actually help you today to enhance your SEO and page ranking. We all see that right. Why everybody are doing this? Because you must build your tactical actions based on their strategy and your business type and website. Sure! However, this one here is not the same case. Disregards of your business and your webpage there are many things, which are the same, and a lot of doing which the big ones can tell you but they do not. Why? Because you have to pay for it. Well, I offer everything free. So let us dive into the tactical deployment of SEO strategy and see how you can increase your page rank free on your own.


From Strategy to Practice


What comes is very exact manual and criteria, which you can follow to enhance your website SEO. We assume you already red my SEO Strategy page and already made some thoughts about it. You set your goal, your keywords. You already analyzed your competition. You created a list of your strategic skills and strategic resources. Based on the information gathered and the lists created you will be able to define how hard you should work on your SEO and what you have in your hands to reach your goal and what you should outsource. So keep reading and get your page rank to the next level.


SEO Tactical analysis and SEO tactical components


First, we want to break down all components of the tactical deployment and then explain how exactly I am materializing them on real. Each separate group of elements will be SEO tactical component. We have so far the following: Website, Website content, external factors, search engines, networking, social networks and backlinks. For each tactical component, you can refer a strategic skill, strategic resource, thinking or framework, which leads to its completion. You can also take plan B, which is just do it.

SEO is like real life. You can get all components of life best but if you fail by one of them, then you will not feel good and will not be happy. What do I mean – family, kids, friends, social status, and career? Let us focus on those! Image you have kids, family and friends but your career is poor or vice versa, you have great career but were so focused on achieving your career goals you sacrificed your family relationship for this.

SEO tactics executions is the same. You have to get them all right not just most of them. Image you have poor content and the best backlinks possible. You will have the most annoying site with the best rank ever! Image you have great content but poor networking… and so on, you get what I mean.




SEO tactics – Website

SEO Tactics

Domain name – in best case choose a domain name, which is not too long and is topic related. I know this is easier to say than done if you are competing in more commercial niche and you are new.

HTTPS – yes, get one!

Performance – after done, measure the performance of your website. Make sure the response time is below 0.4 seconds.

Hosting – Do not host your webpage on a place not compliant or not able to provide at least the average speed. Host your website by hosting provider, which can provide you best speed possible.


SEO tactics – Website content, page content



Title – make sure the title is max 580 pixels.

Meta description – the length of the Meta description should not exceed 1000 pixels.

Canonical URL – you need a valid canonical URL.

Language – make sure that your website uses language correctly specified in the html and is grammatically correct. Not like mine J

Broken links – you need to check whether you have broken links and if so correct them.

Categories, tags and content tables – use them, search engines love them.

Favicon – use one!

Video and picture Meta Information – use at least one picture per page with relevant Meta description.

Internal links – make sure your webpage is well connected via internal links as well as they are semantical and logically understandable.

External links – make sure you link to quality content to external webpages, which are relevant to your content.


SEO tactics – TEXT


Length – good article for 2022 is round 2200 words but not more from 2350.

H1 – put your keyword here.

H2 – at least in one, you need your keyword there.

H3 – at least one should contain your keyword.

Separate the text in different paragraphs.

At least one paragraph should start with your keyword.

Each paragraph should be between 100 and 190 words.

On every 190 words, mention the keyword once.

Duplicates – do NOT duplicate text. Search engines are smart enough to understand this.

Create quality and unique content!

Use table of content.

Make some internal links and some external links. I do for 700 words two backlinks for my website and two external links.

Make sure your grammar is excellent!

SEO Tactics



SEO tactics – External factors

SEO Tactics

Visibility from the search engines – make sure you register your website by all search engines you want to be seen from like Google, Bings, Yahoo etc.

User experience is also external factor you should pay consider.

Comments are good, good comments are even better. Bad comments are the ones you delete. Nevertheless, not before you make sure you think about them. Sometimes they can help you improve


SEO tactics – Search engines


So far, we provided over 30 factors, which separately or in dependence contribute and influence your page rank and how search engines rank your website. Do not be bored. That is not a complete list of all the relevant factors. Every search engine like Google or Bings have their own algorithms and development teams that are constantly changing the list of relevant factors improving or at least modifying the rank algorithms.


SEO tactics – Networking and keywords


You have to decide before writing the content where on the web you will place your website and on which keywords your SEO will concentrate. Believe me pre-analysis and spying on your competition is time you have to invest. Avoid starting a tactical deployment with insufficient information what you should do or on which activities you have to work on to beat the competition.


SEO tactics – Social Networks


Create LinkedIn account and constantly add friends which work area or knowledge is similar to the topic of your webpage. After time you will have thousands of them. If you add 10 every day than after 1 year, you will have …

Create Facebook account and create page for your blog in Facebook. Connect your Facebook page with your Blog. You have to add as many “friends” as possible.

Create accounts in other social networks which might be relevant for your business and which content is public so that the search engines can see it. Connect them with your Blog RSS Feed and post in all of them.


SEO tactics – Backlinks


One of the most controversial topic in SEO world and the most competitive one – Backlinks. As we already know from our “backlink types” article, there are plenty of them, directory backlinks, profile backlinks, guest blogs backlink, forum submission backlinks, Web 2.0 backlinks and others. You have to get one think in your SEO tactics, backlink building is never ending story. Get the rest of your SEO tactics up and running and then continue to create new content and backlinks. Use our free backlinks log page to get fresh sources of quality backlinks. If you pay for backlinks, make sure they are quality and indexed otherwise to it yourself. Never stop doing backlinks!

Make sure that you get 20-50 new quality backlinks every moth!

Business directories – get your site registered in business directories on regular basis.

Guest Blogs – find as many guest blogs as possible. Make accounts and use your RSS Feed to post automatically. If the automation is not possible, think of best practice to share your new posts in those blogs without losing to much time.

Forums – if you know relevant forums and you can contribute to a solution or answering a question then do it with putting a backlink in your comment. Make sure you do not waste too much time.

Use free backlinks sources to get your monthly links.


Free backlinks Vs paid backlinks Vs paying for backlinks


If you are out of sources then … first, you should check out our free backlinks blogs. If it is not enough for you, you can try purchase some backlinks from someone who offers manually creation of backlinks. You can also check some reviews and be completely sure that the person you are hiring is offering high quality backlinks. Purchase some for the lower price possible. When you get the report from him use applications to get the authority of the websites and decide whether these backlinks sources are worth it. If yes, fill up your collection list. Do not forget to send them to me too J

Here you risk that someone create low quality backlinks referring your webpage. However if you look only for people offering small amounts of backlinks, in best case edu or gov then the risk should be lower. Many experts are preaching about how the edu backlinks are not as strong as before but I think it depends from the edu source itself.

Probably, if you are out of ideas and backlink sources you can try this diverse but do not overdo it and do not let to become a habit. Best backlinks are free and you should not pay for them, this is simply because the search engines are taking free backlink quality sources more seriously are paid ones. Therefore, if it comes to the questions to choose between paid backlinks or to pay for backlinks then I think you should already know the answer.


How to safe time but still distribute my content?


Yes, I know. It is easy to say distribute your post in as many guest blogs as possible. At the end of the day, you might not have enough time for it. Hence, always look for technical support, which can automate this action. What I am currently using is blog2social. You can also use the free version and connect to Facebook, Twitter, Printerest, LinkedIn, Xing, Tumbir, Torial, Flickr, Diigo and Reddit or pay and get in addition Instagram, GoogleMyBusiness, Vkontakte, Medium, Telegram, Blogger, Ravelry and Instapaper. This is what I am currently using and cannot say whether this is the best choice but it works for me.

Also very important tactic you can embrace is to synchronize your RSS blog feed with other blogs. 

With the above two tactics you can write one post, ca. 700 words, with two backlinks linking your pages and distribute it on multiple blogs simultaneously.

The impact is great!

Nevertheless, do not forget to do more backlinks! You need a healthy mix of quality backlinks every month.


How to know whether my SEO strategy and SEO tactics works?


That is easy! You can track your traffic via google analytics or you can also install plug in which helps you track your traffic. In addition, SEO is all about better ranking. Type your keywords on Bings, Yahoo or Google from an independent hardware device and check whether you pop up in the list of the outcomes.

To check your website performance, page quality or other little things, which influence your ranking you have to use additional applications. Luckily, there are many free apps, which are offering, this service.

To verify whether your Text is SEO optimized in regards to specific keyword or a group of keywords there are two plugs-ins which hare known to me and which are fine when you use WordPress – Yoast SEO and Rank Math. Try them and pick the one, which is more convenient for you.


SEO tactics – summary


As you can infer form the tactical deployment above, we have rules and the ways to comply with those rules. We have the need for spreading our links and then the solutions for doing it. I am not saying this is the best way, this is the way I am currently doing it. You should always look for improvement because you have to be damn sure your competitors do and SEO is all about being better than the rest.

Instead of doing manual blogging connect your RSS feed to other blogs. Use plug-in for self-analysis and information automated blog posting. Use application to evaluate how good your text and content are. Strive to develop and contribute to the public only with best possible content possible. Use software to improve and with the time, you will do it on your own. It will become your second nature.

Above we have many factors, which influence the SEO of a website. These are all known to me but not all relevant for the search engines. Remember that you should comply with the rules above at the same time be aware the search engines are always improving or at least changing their algorithms. SEO and backlinks is never ending story. You should strive to do it the best way possible and will get results, visible results from the search engine ranking.


Stay positive, stay motivated, stay focused and do quality backlinks!